Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Once the iphone app is down loaded, you have very little time to take a sigh of relief, and then again start focusing on making things easier for the them till their goal is achieved.

According to the AppsFlyer, an iphone app marketing company, the global uninstall rate for apps after 30 days is 28%. Entertainment apps are usually erased, whereas apps based on Finance is least frequently erased. No matter which iphone app category you belong to, your strategy should be to remain in the mobile phones of users for a long time, and not just sit around but to satisfy your purpose as well.

If we analyze the encounters of users with an iphone app step by step, it can benefit us reveal the critical factors that influence mobile iphone app audiences, so that we can work upon those and achieve our purpose. Here are the details:

Step1. Finding Your Iphone app in Appstore

For this, we must first find out what exactly users type to search an iphone app. Based on an investigation, it has been found that 47% iphone app users on iOS confirmed that they found the iphone app through the Iphone app Store’s search engine and 53% iphone app users on Android mobile phone confirmed the same.

What have been their search queries? Interestingly, as the per the data offered by the TUNE research, 86% of the top 100 keywords were brands. With little scope for non-branded categories, most of the keywords were either of games of utility apps. Common keywords in the not for branded category are: games, free games, VPN, car loan calculator, music, photo publisher, and weather.

Leaving brands aside, if we analyze the user-type of a Non-branded category, we will get two types of users:

  1. Users are informed, and they know what they are search
  2. Users are exploring possibilities, have no precise information in mind.

If you are a mobile iphone app development company, targeting non-branded users, your efforts must be directed to creating apps that persuade these two types of users. To do so, we must analyze once they are on an iphone app store, what keywords they use to search. Regina Leuwer, with expertise in marketing & communications, bring some light to the subject. She reached out Sebastian Knopp, creator of iphone app store search brains tool appkeywords, who shared with her the data of unique trending keyword phrases. And according to that data, in 2017, there were around 2, 455 unique keyword phrases trending in the usa.

Now, if we study these data to get information, we will find that name of the iphone app is very important to attract the attention of the users.

If your iphone app sits to non-branded category, then make sure your iphone app name is just like the common search queries but also unique when compared with your competitors. So that when your iphone app name is exhibited, they click it on to it, finding it purposeful and compelling both.

Step two. Installation

Remember your users are on mobile phones has limited resources, from battery to storage and RAM to Internet. Everything is bound. So better create a software that is easy to download or say get down loaded with 5 minutes. One critical advice here:

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